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House Renovations and Building Services in Market Harborough | How to Survive Property Renovations

Living onsite during any form of property renovations is not for the faint-hearted. For clients who are having barn conversions carried out, there is the advantage of being able to close your door to the construction going on outside. House extensions are mostly external until the final stage of the building process when they’re joined to your existing property. But what about if the works are all internal, like house renovations and refurbishments?

Our new house builders at Berry Bespoke Design and Build Ltd have a few ideas in mind which may help you out. With clients based in Market Harborough, north Northamptonshire and south Leicestershire, we’ve carried out our fair share of building services on-site and know how disruptive they can be to your daily lives.

Berry Bespoke’s Guide to House Renovations

Whether it’s house extensions, barn conversions, new builds, renovations or any other building services, Berry Bespoke takes away the stress as we project manage every contract. Our team of new house builders are also extremely conscious of the fact that we work in our clients’ homes and are always respectful of your property. When we’ve finished, we thoroughly clean the area in question, making sure we leave your Market Harborough home in pristine condition.

Below are some valuable tips for when you’re preparing for a renovation project:

The Kettle and Other Essentials

This would make an excellent book title. When packing up the kitchen prior to a complete refurb, make sure all tea-making items are left out. Allocate a corner in another room for the kettle, mugs and biscuits. When the work gets too much, you’ll need to unwind.

Zen Space

Designate one of your rooms as a no-work zone. If you’ve had to move furniture around and store boxes in other areas of the house whilst the renovations are in progress, leave this space free so you can close the door and chill in peaceful, unaltered surroundings.

Take Five

Many clients decide to live onsite during renovations in order to keep costs down. That makes perfect sense, but do take the family away for a weekend if you can. Recharging the batteries in the middle of house renovations is a must for your wellbeing.

Be Prepared

If your water supply has to be turned off and bathroom suites removed, make sure you’ve got alternative plans in place for toilet breaks and showering. This could be a neighbour’s house or an overnight elsewhere, but don’t leave it to the last minute to organise.

Pets Come First

Animals can become quite stressed if their environments are suddenly in chaos. There’s always a chance they may be injured if they’re not kept away from building works, so maybe consider boarding kennels for a while or leaving them with a friend or relative.

If you do decide to remain onsite during your property renovations in Market Harborough, our team of qualified new house builders and tradesmen at Berry Bespoke are on hand to make sure the entire process runs as smoothly as possible. That goes for all building services, including our house extensions, barn conversions and new builds.

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